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Dear friend,

Ever wonder how some people seem to fulfill their every desire while others work hard, pay their dues and do right by others only to wind up with absolutely nothing?

Or how about how some people invest all of their time and energy into something but can't seem to catch a break while others who work half as much seem to "have it all”?

If you've ever wanted to know how you can join the inner circle if people who live life on their terms in every aspect, then I suggest you drop whatever you're doing right and put aside 5 minutes as this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why….

Today, I'll be sharing with you the same cutting edge information that I used to:

Land Jobs (when I needed them) Over People Clearly More Qualified Than Me

Cultivate Positive Lasting Relationships With Friends, Powerful Business Associates and My Life Partner

Achieve Financial Freedom

Have People Pay Me For My Knowledge

Earn My Clients Over Seven Figures From Customers That I've Never Even Met

Live Life On My Terms With Complete Freedom

Now these are just a few of the things I was able to achieve using the same concepts that I'm about to share with you here.

And just so you understand…

It doesn't matter if you have no talent, education or experience at anything…

It doesn't matter if you have failed miserably at every attempt to get ahead in life before….

In fact, it doesn't even matter if you – until this point – can't seem to find friends or relationships no matter how hard you try…

Because you're about to learn is that there's a common denominator which separates those who get whatever they want in life including relationships, wealth, resources & opportunities from those who don't.

The Common Denominator That Separates The Successful From Those Who Struggle

That common denominator is the ability to influence and persuade others and it's the one ability that will supersede ANY other favorable attribute that you may have including your education, expertise, knowledge, persistence, and intelligence or personality qualities.

Here's why: At some point you will need the cooperation of someone else to truly capitalize off anything you have going for you.

You could graduate from Harvard Law School and know everything there is to know about law but if you can't convince a judge, a jury or (at the very least) your clients that you know what you're talking about; you will likely fail as a lawyer.

You could be the best employee at your job but if you can't persuade your boss to give you a raise or a promotion, he or she will likely give that opportunity to the person that can.

You could have the great qualities of perfect life partner but if you can't influence someone to go out on a date with you, you will be alone a lot longer than you have to.

Who I am And Why You Should
Listen To What I Have To Say

My name is Paul Mascetta and most people call me the "Million Dollar Copy Writer” because of my ability to generate seven figure profits for my clients through my powerful marketing tactics.

I've worked with some of the Internet's most recognized experts including Dr. Joe Vitale, Steve G. Jones, Kristen Howe, Mike Litman and Dr. Joe Rubino just to name a few.

And my mission for them was quite simple; to get their message in the hands of as many people as humanly possible.

You see, these people are extremely talented, knowledgeable and experienced in their relevant fields and that's why it was an honor to help spread their messages.

Ever since I was a child, I always wondered how people get ahead while others struggle and I came to realize that it was the ability to influence and persuade that separated the 2 groups.

Upon realizing this truth, I began to immerse myself in anything that I could get my hands on regarding psychology, influence, human behavior and how to gain compliance from others.

I've attended countless seminars, listening to what probably amounts to thousands of hours of audio and read tons of books.

Once I learned that I could use this information to get ahead in life, I began a career in sales and quickly rose to the top of my profession winning many different types of awards and sales contests; not to mention the huge commission checks.

After a while, I became bored with the selling lifestyle. I wanted to run my own business so I got into copywriting and now after nearly 7 years of helping some of the biggest names in the industry get their messages out there, I want to help everyone else.

I decided it was time to take everything that I had ever learned about using influence and persuasion to create a life of dreams, and share it with the rest of the world.

And today, I'm happy to share a resource which includes the foundation for which all influence and persuasion tactics are built upon.

Introducing The Triggers Of Mind Control
Power Pack by Paul Mascetta

(This program consists of 3 audio modules as well as an electronic manual and 3 never before released bonus video presentations)

Here's a snapshot of what will be revealed:

Mind Trigger #1 - Using this tactic will enable you to position yourself to have anyone happily comply with whatever you ask of them.

Mind Trigger # 2 - This tactic gives you the power to instantly make whatever you have to offer look more appealing without making one single change to it.

Mind Trigger # 3 - Once you pull this Mind trigger, your target will feel a burning desire to comply with whatever request you make.

Mind Trigger # 4 - When used correctly, this Mind trigger enables you to get a "yes" from someone before they even know the details of your request.

Mind Trigger # 5 - Using this trick sends a signal into the subconscious mind of your target that tells them "this must be right".

Mind Trigger # 6 - Here you will learn how to instantly have your target taking rapid action to get what you are offering.

Mind Trigger # 7 - Here you will learn how to entrance people using nothing more than mere words.

Mind Trigger # 8 - This trigger primes your target to expect to always answer your questions with a "yes".

Mind Trigger # 9 - This tactic will have your target constantly thinking that what you have to offer is of the highest quality.

Mind Trigger #10 - Here you will learn a powerful tactic to prevent your target from procrastinating on taking action with what you ask of them.

Now With Never Before Released
Additional Bonus Screen Cast Presentations

That's right, aside from the 3 audio modules and written transcript, I am now including the following screen cast presentations in this power pack:

Verbal Packaging Power – In this presentation you will discover the secrets to using words that increase compliance from others drastically.

How To Persuade Using Covert Questions – Here you will learn how to covertly entrance your target using the right questions.

Rapport Mastery – Rapport is the platform from which all relationships are built on. Here you'll learn a simple but powerfully effective step by step plan for mastering the art of rapport building.

 "This all sounds great Paul, so how much is it going to cost me?”

Great question.

Well the question that I have for you is what's it worth to you to have the ability to magnify the results you currently experience in life?

What's it worth to be able to build positive relationships that will open doors you never thought possible?

Is that something you could even put a price tag on?

After All, The Information You're About To Discover Will Magnify The Results
You Experience In EVERY Area Of Your Life

This includes the ability to:

Choose your ideal career

Achieve financial independence

Cultivate deep, meaningful relationships

Discover and live your true life purpose

And Much More…

Here's The Truth

I know the information that I have here is extremely valuable. But I also know that since my main goal is to get it in the hands of as many people as possible, I have to make it extra valuable and make it so that EVERYONE can afford it.

Which is why I'm offering you the opportunity to own the Triggers Of Mind Control Power Pack for just $97, $87, $77….

Today's Price – Only $17.00!

Here's Where It Get's Even Better…

I'm so positive, so sure, so unshakably confident that this information WILLchange your life that I'm willing to let you try it risk free for a full 60 days.

Here's how it works

My Absolutely Can't Fail You, Unconditional, Completely Risk-Free, No Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Go Ahead And Order Triggers Of Mind Control Power Pack Download All Of The Audio Modules And The Electronic Manual As Well As The Bonuses And Let The Door To Your New Life Open

If You're Not Absolutely Convinced That It Will Change Your Life For The Better And If It Isn't Everything I Say It Is And More, Then I Don't Want You To Pay For It. Just Contact My Support Team And We'll Send You A Refund, No Questions Asked.   

All The Risk Is Now Gone Because I'm The One Taking The Chance Here

But Wait…It Gets Even Better Than That….

To show you how truly serious I am about making this as VALUABLE as possible, I'm also going to include this powerful bonus absolutely free as my gift to you:

Now I've done my part.

I've put together a proven formula for gaining the compliance you need from others to succeed in life and not only brought it to you….but I made it so valuable that people from all over the world are jumping on the opportunity to own it and use it to transform their lives.

Will you join them?

Will you finally take the steps needed to create the life you want and deserve so you can look back and have no regrets?

Your time is NOW.

Your moment is NOW.

Your opportunity is NOW.

All you have to do is seize it.

Remember, you only get one chance at life, make it the best you can.

To your success,

Paul Mascetta

P.S. - This is the same information that used to personally transform my life as well as the lives of my clients. Now you can apply the same simple steps and achieve infinite success.

P.P.S. – Remember, you have nothing to lose accept the opportunity to finally capture all that you desire because if you are not 1000 percent satisfied with the program, I'll buy it back from you…no questions asked. 

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